15 facts about India which true with being funny

India is a country which is divided by many local languages and united by a foreign language.2. People in India may not stay on the traffic signal red light but if a black cat is cut off, thousands of people stand in line. Now it seems that in the traffic police, even the black cats have to be admitted. China is promoting due to its government and the main reason for not having progress in India is its own government. India’s voter sees the cast of the candidate before voting, not his qualification. Now let’s explain to these people that brother you are looking for a leader for the country or not. India is a country where actors are playing cricket, cricketers are playing politics, politicians watching porn and becoming porn stars. In India, you can get almost everything from ‘Jugaad’ .7. We live in a country where almost no Indian knew who was Kailash Satyarthi before receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. But if a Russian tennis player does not know a cricketer from our country, then it is a matter of humiliation for us. It is dangerous to talk to some unknown person in India, but it is absolutely right to marry someone unknown. We Indians spend more than their daughter’s education, marrying her daughter. We live in a country where people are scared to feel safe by looking at a policeman. We Indians are very shy, yet 121 million .13 We wear less than the amount of Indian helmet security, fear of invoicing. India is a rich country of poor people.15. Indian society teaches that ‘how to avoid rape’ and not ‘do not rape’



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